Jenn Kyzer

Jenn Kyzer holds a Master's Degree in Education and has been training dogs for over 17 years, and has been self-employed since 2005. She began her training with basic obedience classes and now specializes in behavior issues. Jenn has worked with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages in a wide variety of training areas.

Jenn is a certified evaluator for the S.T.A.R Puppy Program and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) through the AKC (American Kennel Club). Her work with the SPCA included volunteering her time to assist with training, temperament testing and general obedience. She has also completed the Pet University Training at the SPCA.  Jenn has also helped to assess many dogs, in foster situations, new to a home or for families that need to turn in a dog for several rescue groups including Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue (AGPR), Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond (LRGR) and Richmond Animal League (RAL). Jenn volunteers and discounts hours training dogs who are searching for their forever homes. This training helps pups impress their new owners upon first meeting, solidifying the decision to adopt.

Over the years, Jenn has opened her home as a safe place for neglected, abused or abandoned puppies and dogs, Jenn fulfills her desire to help animals that have lost their way. She has rescued and rehabilitated over 50 dogs and puppies. During their stay, these dogs gain the confidence and training needed to make their next home, their forever home.

On the flip side, Jenn also works with clients to find the right pup for their home. This process includes getting to know what each client needs in a dog, and evaluating potential adoptees for these qualities.

Jenn's other passion is children, which lead her to develop her Dogs and Babies program, offered at local hospitals and child birth centers. This seminar helps expectant parents learn how to properly prepare their pup for the arrival of their new human companion.  Working with families helps to fulfill this passion.

Jenn now lives in Hanover with her four kids - two with fur and two of the human variety - a teenage daughter and middle school son.  When she is not training  dogs, Jenn is with her kids.  She also loves to cook and eat delicious foods, hike, mountain bike, yoga, hang with friends and read.   


Jennie Wood

Admin Guru


Jennie joins Jenn to complete the KyzerDog team, not just because they share most of a name, but also because she greatly believes in the training work Jenn does. 

A long time animal lover, Jennie comes from a photography and marketing background. She is currently a full time student at the University of Richmond, majoring in Paralegal Studies, and one day hopes to complete her law degree. 

Jennie enjoys writing in her paper planner, lists, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and comic books. You can find her chasing her two little girls, Tiny Dictator, 3, and Mini Me, 6, through the Children's Museum of Richmond. Though she doesn't currently have a dog, her cat, Bella, might as well be a dog.  


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