Jenn combines obedience with behavior modification, getting to the root of the problem and addressing the cause of the behaviors. The result is a well-balanced dog that begins to think for itself, making the right choices without commands.


Home School

Whether you have a new puppy or are trying to teach an old dog new tricks, homeschool offers a more intensive, personalized, ongoing training program that focuses on your pup’s individual needs. Jenn Kyzer will come to your home 3 days a week for 1 hour at a time to work with your pup and the greatest part is that you don’t need to be home! At the end of the week Jenn will send you a report on what your pup has worked on and how he is doing. At the end of your 3-week session we’ll celebrate by getting together and reviewing your pup’s progress. Contact us for more information or to schedule your homeschool!

Puppy Homeschool

Just like regular Homeschool, but designed for our younger furry friends! Puppy Homeschool focuses on potty crating, crate training, puppy biting and jumping, intro to leash work, proper play, and making them a part of your family.

Email us to reserve your spot!

Private Lessons

2 Hour Behavior Training

From bad manners to common reactivity, new furry family members and human ones too, Jenn Kyzer can help with these behaviors and more. The 2 Hour Behavior Training will help you begin the journey to having a well-behaved pup. This lesson includes a short discussion of your pup’s schedule and issues, developing a plan, along with more than an hour of training and behavior strategies. Jenn will leave you with a training plan and follow up with additional resources to put you on the path to having a happy, well-behaved pup.


Hourly Training

A follow up to your 2 Hour Behavior Training, the Hourly Training session, often 60 or 90 minutes, continues the principles laid out in your 2 Hour Behavior Training. This can be booked as follow ups or refreshers , in your home or out and about for socialization.


Dogs and Babies

Concerned about how your dog will react to your new human baby? In this seminar, Master Behavior Trainer Jenn Kyzer will discuss the transition to parenthood as it pertains to your dog(s). She will highlight how to prepare your dog for baby's arrival, how to introduce your baby to your dog, the new relationship your dog will have with you, and how to work with your dog when your child becomes mobile. You'll learn not only good dog-and-baby skills, but good general training basics in the process.

Lecture only: No dogs at this session. An opportunity to practice new skills with your dog will take place in Part II of Fostering a Happy Pack.

Cost: $25 per couple

See the schedule and register here.

Pack Walk

Cost $15

This on-the-go workshop will emphasize teaching your pup to stay calm around other dogs, remain focused on you while in distracting environments, and understanding ‘pack walk’ behavior.

We will introduce you and your pup to "Structured Socialization" vs "Recreational Socialization" as we walk through local parks and dog-friendly city areas.  You will be able to enjoy the wonders of a great walk with your pup, and learn to be an advocate for your dog as you introduce him to the world at large.

*Pack Walks are intended for current clients of KyzerDog and should have had leash training and are practicing their skills. This is not for beginners or someone new to KyzerDog. If your dog is reactive, please contact us to make sure this workshop is a good fit for you.

Please note that registrations for weekend workshops should be submitted NO LATER than 3:00 pm on Friday.  Registrations received after 3:00 pm on Friday may not be accepted. Additionally, pre-payment for Pack Walks is required for enrollment.

See schedule and register here.