Special training for a special pup!

Meet Scout! Scout is blind and learning to live with his blindness.


Did you know Jenn has experience in training dogs of all abilities? There are special skills that can be taught to blind and deaf dogs to better help them and their owner communicate!

“When I decided to adopt Scout at 8 weeks old, his blindness was not a major deterrent for me. I felt he should have a loving home and family just like any other dog. I’m not sure I completely understood or could anticipate the challenges a sight-impaired puppy would bring into my life.

Scout settled into his new surroundings quickly, but it became evident we both needed more training. Due to his severe eyesight impairment, Scout is more tactile than most dogs...everything goes into his mouth (me included)! I struggled with his inclination toward biting and quickly became desperate for help. Jenn came highly recommended by my Vet and I reached out immediately. We started puppy homeschool and I began seeing an improvement after his 1st session. Jenn’s calm, positive, firm training style is a perfect fit for him. She focuses on equipping me with training activities that helped “re-train” Scout’s brain in terms of not viewing me as his favorite chew toy, including hand feeding him, voice commands and creative ways to help increase his interest in toys I had bought for him. She also helpes me to understand that he can become over stimulated more easily due to his blindness, and down time is crucial for both his and my success.

I will be enrolling Scout in a 2nd session of puppy homeschool as Jenn continues to work with Scout on training, as well as building his confidence outside my house. I greatly look forward to continued behavioral improvement, and to many walks, adventures, and fun playtimes in the future! I couldn’t be more grateful for Jenn and all of the help she has provided for both Scout and I!”

- Tiffany, Scout’s mom